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The Art of the One Call Close – A sale of five or five million … Learn how to walk in and walk out with the Real Deal!

What’s a one-call close? It’s the art of closing a sale in one call!

It could either be in person, over the phone, or through the internet. What defines a sale? The process might be different in every industry, but essentially, they all share the same underlying factor… A sale is a closed deal! That means either a payment, a purchase order, or a bona fide contract.

80% of people involved in the sales profession can be classified as salesclerks or order takers. 20% are sales professionals. They’re proud of their profession, and they take it seriously. But here’s the catch… Only 5% are one-call closers, “the cream of the crop.” A one-call closer approaches sales like he/she approaches life. They never really “sell” anything. They just have conversations and make friends. They make it look effortless! Selling is easy for them, it’s like a hobby, it’s who they are! Every sale flows to them freely, easily, and copiously. This book will teach you the art of one-call closing, but more important, you will learn how to be a one-call closer. Even if your product, service, or industry is an exception to the rule, you will still close more deals and quicker than before. All you need to do is follow my simple recipe …