Join successful leaders – Become an out of the box thinker


Cut your sales closing cycle in half


Increase customer and employee retention


Boost team efficiency

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Expand productivity


Improve your personal relations

Freddy was great! My online business grew by fifty percent in one year after using his services.

Proven ROI

With his engaging and unique personality, Rabbi Freddy connects with audiences immediately, delivering “can do” content in which they can start using use immediately to improve themselves.

We offer a results driven method with a proven ROI covering the complete sales cycle. Our unique program significantly improves closing ratios, empowers communication, improves customer satisfaction, enhances team efficiency and reduces turnover. 85% of your client base will give you loyal, repeat business if they trust and like the individual representing your company.

Not just sales

Rabbi Freddy’s unique out of the box methods are not just for salespeople. Over several decades, people in many fields have been able to change their lives with our unique methodology. “Your comfort zone” is what it’s all about. Freddy’s unique strategies stem from the belief that any enduring changes in life can only come about when one stretches their personal comfort zone.

I heard through the rumor mill that Freddy was telling my sales people that he cared more about them than the company, and I was paying his bill! I was ready to terminate our arrangement until I realized the increase in revenues and enthusiasm.

I’ve been attending these rah-rah presentations for over thirty years – Freddy is the first speaker who ever spoke directly to me.

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