Motivational Presentations

Rabbi Freddy offers on-site speaking engagements for large organizations and small groups.

Corporate Sales Training

Increase your sales and employee abilities through one or more sessions with Rabbi Freddy.

Strategic Consulting

Rabbi Freddy helps your organization grow and succeed using your existing staff and resources.


Benefit from a customized program tailored to your needs in a flexible format.

After working with Freddy, I finally understood that I wasn’t a sales specialist, but a communications specialist.

Corporate Services

Rabbi Freddy is not a coach, but a mentor. What’s the difference? A coach while perhaps a fantastic teacher, may never have walked in your shoes; a mentor always has.

Rabbi Freddy offers results driven programs with proven ROI, covering the complete sales cycle. Our unique programs will significantly improve your companies closing ratios and increase sales revenues. We will teach you how to improve customer satisfaction, enhance team efficiency, reduce turnover and direction for ongoing growth.

Our course programs:

  • Sales Achievement
  • Life Skills Achievement
  • Leadership Achievement
  • Executive Training for International Commerce
  • Customer Service Achievement
  • Corporate Branding

My employees loved him!

Skills for Success

Rabbi Freddy’s unique out of the box methods are not just for sales people. Over the years, people in many different fields were able to change their lives with Rabbi Freddy’s help. Our unique strategies stem from the belief that any enduring changes in life, can only come about, when one stretches their personal comfort zone.

Whether its Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, or Sales, Rabbi Freddy motivates and teaches audiences to achieve Success via his high-energy, custom-tailored motivational speaking programs. Clients all over the world have realized personal and professional growth following Rabbi Freddy’s motivational and sales training events.


Our programs and services are not off the shelf, one size fits all, thus pricing will vary, depending on the complexity of your project. Contact us to discuss how we can best help your organization.