Why Use Rabbi Freddy?

Out of the box thinking… We believe that we never reach our fullest potential, because our potential is never ending.

We don’t believe in conformity; only in results. Unlike other organizations who follow the dictates of a single individual, great as they may be, we take something from everyone. Rabbi Freddy has put together a never ending evolving program, guaranteed to take you to a level of success never even imagined.

We base our programs on a composite of the greatest trainers and speakers of all time and will take your organization to a new level. Companies that use our services want their people to improve their morale, teamwork, and communication skills, and that’s what we do! We don’t rest on our laurels; we are constantly evolving.

  1. Every sale should be targeted for a one call close. Our belief is that in most cases if the sale is not made in one call, it will not be made. In those cases where a one call close is not practical, our unique training methods will shorten your closing cycle by at least 50%. In other words, if your sales traditionally close on average in 60 days, we will show you how to close the deal in 30 days.
  2. Almost every sale is emotionally based, and our unique program of passion + dream = cash has made many salespeople over the year very wealthy. Through Rabbi Freddy’s training methods, within the first 60 days you will see an increase of at least 10%.

Out of the box has become such an overused cliché and then I heard Rabbi Freddy.


Freddy Freundlich has spent over two decades motivating and inspiring audiences to move out of their comfort zone and to think out of the box. Rabbi Freddy, now seen as the go-to motivational speaker/trainer for corporate and association markets, started his career in corporate America, selling door to door, as a cold calling, one call close salesman. Continuing up the ranks on to sales management, he eventually became CEO of a major corporation. Regardless of his title, Freddy has always maintained that first and foremost he is a salesman.

When not delivering upbeat motivating programs for audiences worldwide, Freddy is constantly looking for new experiences and challenges to enjoy. In 2010 Freddy achieved a lifelong dream and acquired rabbinical ordination, while at the same time learning to dance, both the tango and the waltz.

We were shocked! Totally unexpected, Freddy really is out of the box and produces results!

Selected Clients

Out of the comfort zone

As part of his ongoing personal growth and adventurous spirit, Freddy recently participating in a skydiving charity fundraiser.