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Born on the Right Side of the Tracks – A True Story About an “Out of the Box” Kid

We have no control of the cards we are dealt, but we do control how we play the hand.

How often are we impressed by someone born on the right side of the tracks who becomes successful? Hardly ever! What’s the big deal? We expect it, so who cares.

This book is a true story. It’s about a kid born on the right side of the tracks who fell between the tracks and ended up on the wrong side. Nobody cared. Nobody sympathized. Nobody understood.

While this kid’s adventures and story are unique, sadly the phenomenon is not. Many children fall between the tracks, and many continue the struggle throughout their lives. The results often manifest in embarrassment, loneliness, rejection, and low self-esteem. Nobody cares; it’s simply not sexy.

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About the Author

Freddy Freundlich counts his blessings every day. He takes nothing for granted. He is a proud father and grandfather, trainer, author, and motivational speaker. He currently resides in Jerusalem, Israel.

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