By: Freddy Freundlich

Most people will agree that we’ve reached a new normal in the business world. Most business meetings and events are going to remain virtual well into 2021. If you’re in business and you’re selling, you’re mostly selling virtually. For most of us, this is very scary. It’s out of our comfort zone. Some of what you’ve learnt in the past may transfer over, but there are new skills to learn. Always remember that selling is a skill, and online sales are just another part of that skill set. Skills are something you can learn!

I know because this is what I teach. I’ve been doing it and teaching it for many years, from way before we ever heard of Covid. Many times, when I speak to people who are good salespeople, they’ll say that they’ve been selling for years so they don’t need any help. They may even add that while virtual selling may be a little different, they have the basic skills, so even if they make mistakes, practice makes perfect.

I disagree! Practice doesn’t make perfect; practice makes permanent and there’s the difference…

Most things in life can be taught and selling is no different. But just like medicine, just because you are an expert in psychiatry, doesn’t mean you know squat about heart surgery. Yes, you have the basics of being a medical doctor. You have the same initial years of education as the surgeon, but a veterinarian is better equipped to preform surgery than a psychiatrist. No problem, you say, I know the basics, I’ll just practice until I get it right… let me know how that works out for you.

I know I’m being a little dramatic, but I am trying to drive the point home. You need to understand that you are a professional and just how important your job is. We have entered a new normal. You have a choice; Get on the train or get off, you can’t do both. Don’t underestimate yourself. Don’t be cheap, invest in yourself!

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