By: Freddy Freundlich

When we talk about having more time in our lives, what exactly are we talking about? Everyone knows that time is finite; that there are only twenty-four-hours in a day. We know we can’t magically stretch those twenty-four-hours, so what’s the deal? To maximize our time, we have two options. Either squeeze more out of the time we have, or make our time more valuable.

Since there are only twenty-four-hours in a day, the only possibility we have to maximize our hours is to squeeze more out of them. Have you ever cut a lemon in half and squeezed the juice out of it? If you have, then you know that most of the juice comes out in the first squeeze. It doesn’t matter how many more times you squeeze, you will always manage to get more out of the lemon, even if it’s just one drop. Time, like the lemon, is also finite. There is only so much juice, and even though it’s finite, you can always squeeze out one more drop.

Time like money is a commodity, but unlike money we all don’t share it equally. With time it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you come from, you have the same amount as everyone else in the world. Yes, believe it or not, there is something that you and the wealthiest person in the world have in common, just twenty-four-hours-a-day.

So far you probably haven’t read anything that you didn’t already know.  But here’s the secret that separates the go-getter from the rest of the pack. The go-getter understands that time is worth much more than money and is in fact the most valuable commodity on the market. Time is worth more than gold, diamonds, and platinum. All these traditional commodities have a spot world market price on any given day. With time, it varies from individual to individual.

The only difference between all of us is the value of our hours. It doesn’t matter whether we are in the top 1% of wealth or in the bottom 1%, we all have the same amount of time. Remember, time is a commodity, limited and variable. It’s just the value of our hours which differ.

According to the latest United Nations census, there are about 7.7 billion people on planet Earth. That’s a lot of people, and each one has a different hourly worth. Regardless of who you are, the one absolute fact is that each of us only have one hundred and sixty-eight hours available to us each week. Doesn’t matter how long or hard you work. Even if you work sixty-hours-a-week, you still have a finite number of hours. Yet, why is it that there are people who only work twenty hours per week, who earn tons more than people who work sixty hours per week? Are they smarter? Not necessarily, but they probably work smarter.

Whether your time is worth one million dollars per hour, or two dollars an hour, you can’t change the number of hours at your disposal, but you can change the value of those hours. The more you can accomplish in your “available” hours, the more the worth of your hour. Of course, not everything is about money, there is also quality of life, but regardless, your hours are limited. So, how many of your hours do you want to spend on generating revenue? And how many hours do you want to spend on quality of life? Ideally, you’d like them to be one and the same. Regardless of your answer, remember you’ve still only got twenty-four-hours-a-day, and that’s all inclusive.

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