What Me Worry

It’s so natural for us to worry. Most of us spend more time worrying than not. It doesn’t matter what our socio – economic status is; we worry! It could be about one specific thing or several different things at the same time. The funny thing is that while most of us are worrying about subject A, many other things can happen, which would make us completely forget whatever our top worry is right now.

Notice that little children rarely worry. You know why? They don’t think, they just feel. Thinking is a disease. The older we get, the more we think and the less we feel. Thinking is bad, feeling is good. Animals don’t think either, they just feel. We’re not animals, but sometimes nature can teach us a lot. What’s wrong with thinking? Thinking is about our imagination, about the future or the past. Our ability to imagine in itself is not bad, it’s how we use it. Feeling is about the present. Both little children and animals have problems and pain, but all their challenges are in the present. They deal with it and move on. Understand that “feeling” will not rid you of problems or pain, but will lessen it, because you won’t think about it; you’ll only feel it.

How Feelings Deal With Problems

Go ahead, focus on how you’re feeling at this precise moment. Are you thinking about it, or are you feeling it? It’s very hard to think about how you feel at this moment, because you’re feeling it. You can’t think and feel at the same time. With that in mind, try and feel about how you’ll feel tomorrow. You can’t, you can only think about how you’ll feel tomorrow. In other words, you’re projecting.

As I’m writing, looking out over the beautiful Mediterranean coast, I’m enjoying a cold drink. It’s very hard to feel anything but unbelievably great. I just received a call from my accountant about a tax bill due next week. I’ve now an uncomfortable feeling. Why? Because my imagination’s taken over, gotten me to stop feeling and start thinking. Thinking about the tax bill, my current feeling goes from great too bad. What’s changed? In reality nothing. At least in the view of a child or an animal. I’m still in heaven, but even though I’m still physically here, my imagination’s taken me to next week. Next week is the future, and today is the present. Another word for present is gift. At this moment, my life’s wonderful. It couldn’t be better. Between now and next week, there’re millions of variables that can occur. Why must I change the unbelievable feeling I’m experiencing now? But we do. All the time! I’m not saying we shouldn’t plan for the future, but let’s focus on today, on the “now”. The vast majority of the time if we focus on the present, the future will take care of itself. If we’re constantly worrying about the future, we destroy not only the present, but lower our chances of solving whatever challenges we have regarding tomorrow. The choice is ours; win-win or lose-lose. Your decision!